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11 June 2011 @ 12:55 am
7 Times Inoo Confessed To Hikaru  
Title:7 times Inoo confessed to Hikaru
Summary:Inoo confessed to hikaru in his own many ways.

1. Hikaru saw inoo emoting sitting on a chair so he asked inoo..
Hikaru:what are you doing?
Inoo:thinking of you.


2. It was a great day and all of the jump members are happy doing their own world businesses during their pv making but Hikaru's attention was caught by someone.
Hikaru:wow!i love your smile=D
Inoo:thanks!this smile is only shown specially for you:P

3. Another tiring day after the shoot, yabu noticed a member acting wierd since a while ago so he talked to 'the boy'and asked...
Yabu:why do you always look at your cellphone?
Inoo:because i always see hikaru's face.
Yabu:well hikaru's only sitting beside you.*yabu said to inoo while looking at hikaru*

4. Yesterday! jump members was asked the question "what do you want to see now?"
Hikaru:a crossdresser.
Inoo:hikaru's everything!
Today! jump members are resting..
Hikaru:yesterday i said i want to see a crossdresser then after the show you dress up as a girl*laughing gently* why did you do that?
Inoo:because inoo loves you!

5. Inoo and Yamada decided to surprise the other jump members in no reason so they cook cake for them.suddenly they forgot to lock the door.
Hikaru entered the kitchen and saw his two member mate.
Hikaru:what's up? *inoo and yamada looks at hikaru and smiles as sign of their reply.*
Hikaru:whoahh it looks delicious!
Inoo:Thanks!i made it just for you.

Hikaru: .....
Yamada: O O

6. Jump is invited to a game show.but before they start to show up on tv the members waited on their dressing room for their outfits.
Inoo:Hikaru i did three things today.
Hikaru:really?what is it?:)
Inoo:Miss you,miss you and miss you

7. In the library..
Inoo:Hikaru can you teach me?
Hikaru:sure!what is it?
Inoo:Yes i bought an ABC cards*inoo show the cards to hikaru,hikaru looking at it confusely then inoo sits beside hikaru"
Hikaru:ok!so what do u want me to teach you in ABC?
Inoo:This! *inoo arranged the cards to the table then after that hikaru reads the words."
Hikaru:Ok i'll read it directly ne.*inoo nodded* U A N D I A R E L O V E R S!(you and i are lovers)
Inoo:Pls.always teach me that hikaru!*smiles sweetly*


after a few days hikaru asked the members "Ne Minna Is Inoo Ok?" the members stops on what they're doing,looks at hikaru, then stares at each other and yabu answered "Yes!"

----+ Hikaru gives the Love back+----
Hikaru:"Today i will marry my friend,the one i laugh with,live for,dream with,and love"

Disclaimer:I do not own anything except the stoRy~!!
> >Done with my first 'Hikanoo' fic.!!i dont really know if it's drabble or oneshot so i didn't put it xd.Comment ne<3
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lumi-chanlu_mi_na on June 11th, 2011 05:16 pm (UTC)
Awwww so cute & sweet >w<
And and and I can't choose which one was the cutest x3
When I read the first one I thought it is the sweetest but then I read the second it was more sweet so are the rest <3 ALL of them are so sweet xD <3

but after all maybe this was the best...
Hikaru:"Today i will marry my friend,the one i laugh with,live for,dream with,and love"
Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa xDDD
Andreateru_wonderland on June 12th, 2011 04:30 am (UTC)
lumiChaaaan<33:D thank you so much for reading and commenting^^♥
and yeah i agree with you hikaru's words are really so sweet xdd=D
rinrin_okayamayamamoto_rin on June 13th, 2011 04:40 pm (UTC)
aaaaaaaawwhh~!!! :3 so so naughty n kawaii inoo~!! <3 i thought inoo would kiss hikaru to distract him while yamachan do the cooking! hahaha lol :P btw.. nice one andrea-cahn!! <3 it!! ^^ sorry if im late.. there's no connection yesterday.. so sorry >< anyway~! GREAT ONE!! <3
Andreateru_wonderland on June 14th, 2011 10:48 am (UTC)
Riiinaa ChaaaN<33=D im so happy that you read it xdd:D
oh my god!why didn't i do a part where inoo kiss hikaru??i'll do it next time(lol)arigatou for that rina chan^__^Thanks for commenting ne and it's ok♥:D