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22 June 2011 @ 04:57 pm
kiss me after school - Yamachii  
Title:Kiss me after school
Yamada X Chinen(yamachii)
Chinen Yuri is a boy studying at Horikoshi Senior High School. Then he met Yamada Ryosuke who’s kinda have a bad habit on doing something for someone then will asked for some money after.Then one day yamada asked chinen to become his boyfriend,chinen couldn’t refuse even his hatest person is yamada because yamada is the most scariest student in the school.
Cruel chii and Playful Yamada!


Chapter 1:worst day ever?!

A cute black-haired guy walking in the street that looks like a junior high student but actually a senior.has an awesome face, let’s say baby face?yes has a baby face and he looks happy in the morning singing a song with his nice voice.
He suddenly stopped when he look at the large gate. His eyes sparkling, looks like he saw a diamond in front of him.

““Huwa~ Senior High school! Kyaaa~! I’ll begin my life here! Hang out with my friends, go to my friend’s house, talking more like gentleman~ aww, sugoii, na~”yes, he looks so dramatic just by that.(kawaii ne?:P)

He took a deep breath and sighs,then starts to walk slowly to enter the school area.

“Senior high is so big, ne~” the guy murmured.

Chinen’s walking on the front of the building, but suddenly stops when he heard something.

“Can I get the fee?”

“Y-yes, here it is.. Thank’s for yesterday..”

Chinen looks,and raise his eyebrow. Looks like he wanted to know what they’re talking about.

“chii what are you doing? do u want to get involved with the problem?how can u be interested in their talk?
how If ,there’s a student who likes to bully,how will u know?”chinen said in his mind.
Chinen can see how the guy kiss the girl in school yard.(yard?so nobody watches them and because it’s not crowded)

“Ok,fee for today’s kiss is 200 yen”said the guy.
‘Nani? Paid? He selled his self?!’ Chinen said in shocked state.

“Yes.. here it is..” the girl gave him money. Chinen can see the guy smirking.

“Nice to have business with you..” the guy smiled, that makes the girl falls for him more.

When the guy turned back, he saw Chinen. He raise his eyebrow and said to his self “Oh my, he looks so cute~”

“Who are you?” the guy pointed at Chinen’s nose.

“U-umm, just new student..”

“ah..souka… It’s 8.15 already, your not planning to go to your room yet? are you lost?”


“Sorry, but im not and won’t get lost!” Chinen curt.

“So,Why are you still here? Classes started 15 minutes ago, you want to have a problem in your first day?” the guy smirked.
“It’s none of your business” Chinen pushed the guy and goes away.

The guy looked at Chinen’s back who’s slowly disappearing from his eyes.

“Pretty boy.. Interesting..” the guy said on his mind and walks to somewhere.


Chinen looks so angry, even thou he hasn’t realize that he already passed through his classroom.



“Ah, gomen~”

Chinen gets up after he fell and looked at the person he hit.

“Ne, are you a new student here?” the teacher asked, Chinen was surprised,
I hitted a sensei,!! (ooc:I dont know if it’s the right word to say ‘hit’ in a past version T_T but anyways back 2 the story:P)

“Ok,I have two problem in one day! first met a freak guy,second hitted a teacher”chinen said to himself.

“Y-yes im a new student here..”

“oh why are you still here then?”..

“I-its.. umm, I..”

“ you’re lost?”

In fact,chinen doesn’t want to admit that his lost but he have no choice but to said it as his defense.

“Y-yes.. im lost..” Chinen said slowly, shy ,and holding his emotion.

“Okay, no problem, you can tell me your class,I’ll help you.. it’s normal for a new student..ne” the teacher gave him a nice smile.

“I’m not lost! I-Im.. just.. oh, forget it.. !’”

“arigatou, Im from 1-B class…” said Chinen.

“Oh,you already passed through your classroom,” pointed the sensei.

‘Damn! I didn’t notice!’

“O-oh, I didn’t notice it… umm, hontou ni arigatou! Ja matta ne~!” Chinen rushed out of there and the teacher just blinked her eyes.

-to be continued-

A/N: Livi:Na~ It so short~ I want to make it longer..
But, I can’t!may be next chapter will be longer..
Hope you like it..^_^

CA/N:Andrea:uwahhh finally done editing the first chapter takes an hour on this = =”because im doing something not only editing this lol^___^but im glad I was able to helped livi=)even if I changed the summary and some of the script xd.well hope you like it~!:D
Links to:(Chapter 2),(Chapter 3),(chapter 4)

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Chinen Chinen *shooking head*
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nice one
Andreateru_wonderland on June 25th, 2011 07:34 am (UTC)
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uwaaahh~! more yamachii!! <3 ^^ yama's always the naughty one ^^ :P btw.. the past tense for hit is still hit.. that's what i remembered :D
Andreateru_wonderland on June 30th, 2011 09:17 am (UTC)
lol u noticed that too?xdd poor yama always the naughty=___="

>oh 'hit'souka.. arigatou na^__^