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22 May 2011 @ 11:25 pm
chiitaro:i want your attention(oneshot)  
Title:I want your attention!
Pair:Chiitaro(ryutaro and chinen)
Guest:Nakamaru of Kat-tun(as the host in hsj interview)
Genre:Pure romance,Fluff
Summary:Chii is always hyper as ever he often talks with ryu but obviously this time his attention is not too much on him but more on the other members which ryu feels a lot of confusion and a bit? jealousy.so to be able to get chii's attention ryu plans 10 things to get the attention he wanted.

OOC:now pairing up the kawaii members of hs7(/j) just discovered them a while ago(lol)anyways hope u enjoy?!:D
disclaimer:i do not own anything except the story


1st sit:chii sits on yamada's lap
2nd sit:chii sits on hikaru's lap
3rd sit:chii sits on takaki's lap
4th sit:chii sits on yabu's lap
5th sit:chii sits on daiki's lap
6th sit:chii sits on inoo's lap
7th sit:chii sits on keito's lap
8th sit:chii sits on yuto's lap
9th sit:chii sits on ryuta-----(chii is about to sit on ryu's lap but the show started)
the other days:
chii playing with the other members but no attention on ryu!just a greetings like ohayou,yo!..

on the next day:
hey say jump interview:
nakamaru:so yabu ,what/who shocks you nowadays?
nakamaru:eh?chii? nande?
yabu:ah..on chii's case, he send a lot of text messages to us yesterday.
nakamaru:about what?
yabu:nothing, just randdom stuffs..
"did he give me lots of text yesterday?"ryu thought

next day:

daiki:chii~*hugs then tickles*
chii:eh?..ya..yada! yamero >_<"

"ok!that's it!no attention to me, huh?well gotta do the things i wrote last night.."

First plan:sit on chii's lap
ryu:i guess no one have tried this to chii but i will..
ryu:hey chii*sits on chii's lap*
chii:ryu?why all of a sudden?
ryu:nothing,just feel like sitting on your lap,havent try it before.
chii:oh i see,your cute ne~
ryu:your a lot cuter*smiles*
chii:thanks ryuchan,all of the members are cute too:)

i get his attention but just for a while..

Second plan:hug him tightly
ryu:where's chii?
ryu:ok..thanks*ryu goes to the room*
ryu:chii? *no one is responding* oh his sleeping?*ryu looks at chii's sleeping face* cute face*laughs*
yamada:why are you laughing?
ryu:ah..*shocks*since when did you come here?
yamada:just now.
ryu:oh ok.. *leaving the room*
yamada:hey are you leaving already?
ryu:yes..*smiles then leaves*

"maybe no need to hug him"*looks at the list*
3rd plan:pocky eating with chii
4th plan:poke chii
5th plan:give a piggyback to chii
6th plan:kawaii present for kawaii chii
7th plan:play with chii
8th plan:tickle chii
9th plan:tease chii
10th plan:kiss chii?
"oh well there's no need for this stuff,what the hell am i thinking?anyways*ryu leaves the place where he stayed to read his plan*

on the next day...
ryu:uh..what is it?
chii:i want a piggyback*grins*
ryu:*Couldn't resist such a cute face*ok then..*gives chii a piggyback*

on the next day:
ryu:good morning chii:)
chii:*pokes ryu's cheek*good morning cutie~♥
ryu:*pinches chii's cheek*i told you your a lot cuter..
chii:keke.. *then ryo pokes chii's cheek*

next day:
chii:*slips on the ground*aww
hikaru:oi you ok chii?
chii:ahm..im ok because i slipped?
hikaru:*laughs a bit*sorry about that! here let me help you*hikaru lend his hand to chii*
on the concert..
chii:*saw ryu and calls him* ryu~! *waves*
chii:*runs towards ryu*ryu~*then hugs*
ryu:*smiles then hugs chii back*

---next day----
chii:*with pocky in his mouth and tap ryu* *ryu looks at chii with the pocky and of course he know what to do(eat the half of the pocky by eating it together)

next day===
*chii sends a message to ryu*
chii:"i want a present from ryu"
chii:"dont eh?i'll wait for my present"
ryu:"ok..ok i get it!what present?"
chi:eh?i said i want a present from you"
ryu:"yeah but how will i know what you want?"
chi:"dont worry anything is fine with me"

next day--------
chii:let's play ryu:)
ryu:ah..sure what kind of play?
chii:*Whispers*a play where there's only two people*grins*
ryu:eh?only the two of us?

====after the game(Ok, they played tennis:P)
ryu:i thought you wont loose?
chii:dont tease me now.

next day:
chii seems to be sad today..
inoo:you ok chii?
chii:yes*smiles a bit*
inoo:hope you really do
chii:thanks for the worry
inoo:no prob*pats chii's head*
ryu:hey still sad about yesterday?
ryu:ok i dont need to be the winner if it makes you feel sad,ok your the winner happy now?
ryu:i know your going to laugh..
chii:can you?
ryu:here i go~♥!*tickles chii* (obviously that made chii laughs)

---next day...
chii:oh no!*grabs ryu's tie*they fell,because chii pretended to fell.. (now on top---->ryu,under ryu is chii<-----)
>their faces is almost too close,and their position is perfect for a kissing scene<
ryu:you okay ch---
chii:what are you waiting for?
chii:T_T baka ryu!...*kisses ryu's cheek sweetly*
chii:just revenge for your kindness^^
ryu:ah..no need for revenge because*ryu licks his lips and untie his shirt*
chii:ryu is so naughty!ryu is so naughty!*laughing sweetly while saying those words*
ryu:hey!be quiet!
chii:*holding his laughter*sorry i just cant imagine someone younger attacking the older.
ryu:you mean us?
*sweetly looking at each other,nearly*
ryu:kiss you?
chii:kiss me?..up to you..
*ryu kisses chii's lips but later on chii laughs*
ryu:*stops*hey why are you laughing?
chii:all you do is touch my lips?
ryu:yeah and..?
chii:nothing^^*laughs uninnocently*


on the elevator..
chii enters the elevator,and ryu was there, only the two of them
*ryu hugs chii from the back*
ryu:*kisses chii's ear and whisper*remember our kiss?it was too innocent isn't it?*laughs gently*
chii:*can feel ryu's warm breath from his neck*ah..that?not at all just fine..
ryu:how about now?can we?
chii:i dont know..
ryu smiles,then grabs chii and make chii lean on the wall..and kisses him..
ryu:*stops*hey chii!*he shows his tongue to chii and pointed it "your tongue,i cant feel it"
chii:(his serious about this >.<"oh no did i just made our baby go wild?!)[chii means that ryu's the baby of hsj since his the youngest]
ryu kisses chii again then licks chii's tounge and before they go farther the door opens,luckily there's no one..after that ryu decided to stop since it will be dangerous if they will kiss on the elevator,also because the door always opens:P

chii:you happy?
ryu:happy for what?
chii:i fulfilled your plans! im so kind right?*laughs gently*
ryu:plans?oh..(he read my plans that's embarassing!!)you mean....
ryu:you dont have to do that..*pats chii's head*
chii:eh?your not yet satisfied?*confused?*
ryu:nope,just so happy that you give lots of your attention to me.
chii:oh i see...
ryu:best gift ever ne.
chii:^^im glad to hear that..

-ps! it's christmas xd-

>>the end of chiitaro oneshot hope i did well:DDcomment ne?!~♥
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rinrin_okayamayamamoto_rin on June 4th, 2011 03:11 pm (UTC)
SWEET!!!! <3 i like it!!! :DD heheee.. sorry late reading your fic!! >.< CHIITARO LOVE LOVE!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 sorry if it's too short :P
Andreateru_wonderland on June 5th, 2011 04:52 am (UTC)
uwahh riiina*glomps u*xdd arigatouuu!!^^♥and it's ok ne<33
tintin_27tintin_27 on June 9th, 2011 09:56 am (UTC)
Nina-chan: Kashiyuka.mayorinaguzaka on June 11th, 2011 07:20 am (UTC)
Awww ♥
This was too cute&sweet ^^
ChiiTaro ftw!
Andreateru_wonderland on June 11th, 2011 07:25 am (UTC)
Arigatou Gozaimasu♥=D
and yeah CHIITARO FTW~!:D
10fan_ryuu_hsj: Ryuu/Yama/Keito10fan_ryuu_hsj on June 11th, 2011 05:18 pm (UTC)
Kyaa~! That was so sweet! :D
Andreateru_wonderland on June 11th, 2011 05:22 pm (UTC)
ichannyichanny on September 24th, 2011 08:58 pm (UTC)
Cute :)