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22 May 2011 @ 11:38 pm
Title:What the hell?
Pair:Yamachii,Daichii(yamada and chinen,daiki and chinen)
Summary:Yamachii are in relationship but after a year yama changes,not sweet to chii,always going home late,not saying a word when going to somewhere and the worse is lots of text messages from lots of girls whom chii didn't know.chii wanted to break up with him but he cant,because he loves yamada so much.
Warning:Cruel Yamada!

OOC:hope this will not turn out to be bad~!just a short story..
disclaimer:i do not own anything except the story!


"it's been a year since our relationship started,but im getting nervous nowadays, why the hell he changed so much?? did he just used me or what?i cant understand him at all"chii taught."it's midnight already his not home yet,im worried" until his phone rings.."uh..?*answers the phone*moshi..moshi?" "ah..chii it's me yamada sorry im not going home tonight"
yama:just an important business.see you tomorro--
chii:but it's my birthda- *yamada ends the call*
chii looked at his phone and pouted."it's my birthday today i was waiting for him since a while ago why do he need to tell it to me so late??now,i feel so lonely, it's midnight already im sure that the members are sleeping now,i guess i have to celebrate it alone"(ps!chii wanted to celebrate his birthday with yama only for just now,since yama often comes home)
-next day-
*someone knocks the door*but chii is still sleeping so yama calls him..
chii:*trying his best to move*uh..mosh---
yama:open the door.
chii:eh?yamachan your home?
chii:ah..*feels disappointed by the early morning*haii i will open it for you..*stands and runs to open the door*
*opens the door*
chii:yama cha----*his smile turns sad* yama just ignore chii and didnt even greeted him a belated happy birthday then enters the house with the girl..
"what are you doing yamada?? bringing a girl in OUR HOUSE??and cant you see that im here?"chii talks to his self..

chii wanted to cry that time but yama suddenly said..
yama:hey!dont think that i have something for that girl,ok?*smiles a bit*
chii:ah..haii..arigatou yama chan.
yama:for what?
chii:comforting me.
*yama just looked at chii and nodded a bit, then goes back to his room with some snacks with him*
"chii*finally smiled*i thought he dont care about me anymore but i was wrong.but who is that girl anyway?"chii wondered.
until chii notices that his late for school"oh no im late!"*chii runs to yama's room and knocked on his door*"yama will be late!"
"im not going!" "eh..?but.." "just go!" "ah..o..ok"

chii:ah..daiki*waves hand*
daiki:yo!going home now?
daiki:mind if we go for some walk?
chii:umm..im not sure,i still need to ask permission to yama.
daiki:his always going home late right?why dont you try to do it once?
chii:why do i have to?
daiki:Dont you feel lonely when he goes home late?
daiki:well if that's the case,do it to him too.
chii:i..i feel a bit nervous doing this but ok, since your here with me daiki,im sure that it will be ok:)
daiki:of course!so any place you wanna go?or are you hungry?
chii:yes im hungry let's eat
daiki:my treat!
chii:thanks daiki.

------------------it's getting late at night now..------------
yama calls chii~
yama:oi!where are you?
chii:(yama?crap i forgot him,also his dinner)umm..i
yama:who the hell is that?
chii:ah..it's daiki
yama:why is he with you?
chii:just walking around
yama:walking around???wow!it takes a lot of hour for a walk!
chii:sorry yama, we get carried away and buys stuffs and----
yama:yeah,whatever! just go home already!im hungry!
---end call-
chii:im sorry daiki i need to go home..
daiki:eh? ah..well
chii:im really sorry*bows then runs*

daiki:"that stupid yama*sighs*"

at home..
chii:im sorry yama..i----
yama:hurry up!im hungry

chii:by the way yamachan..
chii:why do you always go home late?
yama:why ask?
chii:why not?we're lovers!
yama:what if i dont want to?
chii:y...you have to tell me! and can you turn off your cellphone? it's ringing since a while ago!
yama:dont mind my things!and let's just eat ok?
chii:no!tell me!
yama:*hugs chii gently*c'mon forget it*kisses chii's neck*
chii:dont joke around,please!
yama:i know!you just want to be f*ck right?
yama:what???how about you??hanging out with daiki without me knowing?arent we doing the same thing?
chii:i have no reason to do that!and you??always texting someone?bringing anyone in the house whom i dont know!what the hell??
yama:i get it! your jealous??
chii:im being obvious all the time!why did you just notice it now?
yama:because im slow?
yama:*pinches chii's cheek*how cute~!dont worry i will not go home late from now on*then pats chii's head*
chii:i dont know if i'll believe you but im hoping for it. *yama smiles to chii,chii smiles back*

-----------on the next day-------
yama:im home chii!
chii:eh?yamachan?*looks at the clock*5pm hm..i guess im hearing things..
yama:oi chii!open the door
chii:but it's truly yama.
yama:what's with that shocked face?
chii:nothing!*smiling*i just feel happy..
yama:oh i see,here cake for you*smiles*
chii:thanks yama chan.

yama:did you recieve my text?
chii:yes about 20+messages
yama:what the?you counted it?
chii:yes,not tired of doing that since it's you*smiles sweetly*
chii:your always welcome yama chan..so wanna eat?

------------------------after about a week...
daiki:by the way chii,what happened to yamada kun?
chii:eh?nothing happened to him,why?
daiki:oh i thought you know about this, but his not attending the class for almost a week already.
chii:ehh??you are his classmate & best friend right?why dont you know?
daiki:because his not contacting me.i was worried so i asked you.
chii:i also dont know..im going to call him!
chii:it's chii!
yama:ah..chii*laughs*sorry about that!what's wrong?
chii:who's riku?
yama:dont worry,she's a friend.anyways...what's up?
chii:your not attending classes right ?and where are you now?
yama:now?i..im i..
daiki:*pokes chii's arm,and whispers*hey its yama right?*points*and his with..a girl..
chii:*looks closely at where dai points*uh...yes it's yama..
chii:hey!can you tell me where are you now?
yama:oh im..on daiki's house today!dont worry i'll go home later early..
chii:should i call daiki now?
yama:no need!we're just finishing something,dont worry ok?
daiki:so how is it?
chii:i hate him!
*daiki's phone rings*
daiki:uh..moshi moshi?
yama:oi!daiki!dont say anything to chii,i mean i said im in your house.
yama:just do it!and---*suddenly bumps someone*im..im sorry*when he looks at the faces of the person he bumped*

---to be continued---

>>aww hope this is not that bad,pls.comment so that i will know what's your reaction about my fic.:) also pls.correct me if i have wrong spelling or grammars...jaja..arigatou~!<

 part 2:The Reason
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青木 玲子ichigocherry on May 24th, 2011 01:05 pm (UTC)


Cant wait!
Andreateru_wonderland on May 25th, 2011 03:41 am (UTC)
yey reichan♥!xdd i'll update soon =D
青木 玲子ichigocherry on May 25th, 2011 07:07 am (UTC)
message me if you have~ :D
Andreateru_wonderland on May 25th, 2011 07:28 am (UTC)
sure! i will=DD
chi_yamaswitenana on June 11th, 2011 07:34 am (UTC)
what....what's going on with Yama?
do he go out with that girl??? >.<
what happend next????? >.
Andreateru_wonderland on June 11th, 2011 08:03 am (UTC)
>I'll update soon=D
thanks 4 commenting^^♥
rinrin_okayamayamamoto_rin on June 29th, 2011 10:39 am (UTC)
oh yamachaann!! poor chii T^T who's riku?? awwhh~!! what the hell??! T^T :P hahaa... nice one andrea-chan~!! <3