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22 June 2011 @ 10:04 pm
kiss me after school - yamachii-part2  
Title:Kiss me after school
Author:han_cawaii ,teru_wonderland 
Summary:Chinen Yuri is a boy studying at Horikoshi Senior High School. Then he met Yamada Ryosuke who’s kinda have a bad habit on doing something for someone then will asked for some money after.Then one day yamada asked chinen to become his boyfriend,chinen couldn’t refuse even his hatest person is yamada because yamada is the most scariest student in the school.
Warning:Cruel chii and Playful Yamada!

Chapter 2:Can I kick you?
The bell is ringing meaning that it’s break time already.The students looks happy, they immediately fixed their things and started to talk to their friends and some goes to the canteen.

But, one boy, silent in his table,doing nothing just sitting on his chair.
‘I really don’t know everyone in this class,even one person… it’s funny and pathetic in the same time..’ Chinen said in his mind. He didn’t realize that the girls who’s sitting in front of him were talking about him.
“he is cute desu ne..”murmur a girl to another girl.
“Hai! Hai! You’re right… but, I still think Ryosuke-kun..is much cuter and cooler! kya! He is perfect!” said the girl.
“Ah, Ryosuke-kun is the best… But, I didn’t see him a while ago,I guess he didn’t attend the class?”
“Hai! I heard that he like to skip class..”
“Aigoo~ kakkoi!!”

While the girls were murmuring, Chinen actually heared it,giving a flat stare to them. But, suddenly someone hit his shoulder,and he was shocked.
“Hey! Want to go out with us?” Chinen look at the boy who hit him.
“Me?” Chinen point his self.
“Yes, of course!” the boy gave him a smile, Chinen’s eye sparkled. Oh How happy he was. Having a friend now.
‘First friend, so nice…’
“Umm, so?” the boy look at him with a waiting looking.
“Ah, gomen..sure I will..”
“Ahaha, souka. But, first let me introduce my self. My name is Yuto Nakajima. You can call me Yuto, Nakayan, etc.. Whatever.. and he is Keito Okamoto, Daiki Arioka..” Said Yuto while pointing to Keito and Daiki.
“You can call me Keito..” Keito bows to Chinen. Chinen just nodded.
“And you can call me Dai-chan~” Daiki look so happy meeting chinen and gave chinen a smile, that made chinen blush.
‘That guy.. is so cute~!’
“I-I’m Chinen. Chinen Yuri, just call me Chii..” Said Chinen shyly.
“Don’t be shy Chii.. hahaha.. You’re so kawaii~! Let’s go to the canteen!” Yuto grab Chinen’s hand and pull chinen near him. now they are embracing arms.
Chinen’s blushing now! more redish than a while ago.(chinen is not close with boys before because his always been bullied by his past-friend)
“Y-yes, come on!” Chinen tries his best not to look stupid in his new friend. Till now he looks happy although sometimes he’s clumsy with Yuto, Keito, and Daiki.
Yuto’s always so kind to Chinen, even though he always pinch Chinen’s cheek, and Keito is the one who protecs Chinen from Yuto. And Daiki is the one who makes Chinen laugh whenever his in pain.

“Huft, today is tiring~” Chinen said to himself in his room.

Remembering the things he have done with his friends a while ago. It’s so fun and annoying at the same time.
He sometimes smile by himself and sullen too. Sayaa, his sister stares at him with are-you-crazy-because-of-something? look. Chinen didn’t notice his sister yet, still in his own world.
“Aih~! What are you doing, nee?” Chinen look at his sister who throwed pillows at him.
“I want you to realize your craziness. I mean You smile and then grin and then grin after that laugh shyly after that- oh, don’t mind..” Sayaa gets out of chinen’s room and chinen just raised his eyebrow.
“Huft, yeah, maybe I m being crazy… Huft, but… wait the minute.. I laugh shyly? Grin? I don’t!” said Chinen. Oh my, Chinen.. you did that?!
“Chii! Get up from your craziness and go to bath, dinner is ready!” sayaa shouted.
“Hai~!” Chinen shout back to Sayaa.
Yes, In Tokyo he lives with his sister, his parents is in Shizuoka. They don’t want to live in Tokyo.
Cloudy morning, Chinen woke up quickly. He immediately go to bath and prepared for his school. He look at the windows and look at the sky.
“Uh, It’s raining.. I’ll bring umbrella..” said Chinen. He goes down and take the fold umbrella.
“Chii, what are you doing there?” Sayaa look at Chinen who’s busy with the umbrella.
“Just want to bring umbrella. It’s Cloudy outside…” Chinen said flatly.
“Ho… Do you want have breakfast?”
“No, today I want to go early..”
“Okay, but wait a minute…” Chinen looked at Sayaa who runs to the kitchen and gives him a bento.
“here,for your lunch.. Yeah, I made it this morning.. I woke up early..haha” Sayaa pet Chinen’s head.

“Hum, I doubt the taste..” Chinen said with laugh.
“Hey!” Sayaa smack his brother.
“Don’t smack me like that!”
“Huh.. your fault~”
“Okay, okay, never mind~ I will go now..”
“Okay, Titi DJ~” Chinen look at his sister with questioning face.
“Titi DJ? What does that mean?”
“Oh, I learned it from my Indonesian friend.. Titi DJ also means ‘Hati-hati di jalan’.. meaning ‘be careful on the road’…” Sayaa with a smile on her face, gives a ‘peace’ pose.
Chinen’s sweat drop then leaves.
‘Weird..’ chinen said on his mind.
A guy with handsome face, brown hair walking slowly in the street, eating bubble gum. He looks so cool with his way of walking, like a model.
He suddenly stopped his step when he saw the guy whom he met at yard yesterday. Suddenly he grin and step faster to Chinen’s side.
“Ohayou~” the guy greets Chinen, Chinen was shocked .
“What the hell are you saying?!”
“Hm? Why? I just want to greet you..”
“You’re annoying.. meeting you in the street early in the morning, so unlucky..” Chinen walks faster to pass the guy who shocks him.
“Why do u hate me?”
“I dont..”
“Yes, you do..”
Chinen got irritated and kick the brown haired guy.
“Hei! It hurts!”
“You think I care about that? It not my business! you’re the one who must feel it by yourself! because you’re annoying ! Huh, you disturb the atmosphere early this morning.. Why did i met you?!”
“You’re so fussy, ne~”
“Not your business..” Chinen walks and get his phone.
“My name is Yamada. Yamada Ryosuke..”
“I didn’t ask you..”
“But I want to tell you, and I want to know your name..”
“Because, I didn’t ask your name. I’ll not tell mine..”
“Why? Unfair, you know my name.. and you didn’t give me your name?!”
“Okay, if that’s unfair to you just stop talking to me and I ‘ll forget your name.. and it’s fair enough.. right?” Chinen stops walking, that made Yamada stops on walking too and raise his eyebrow.
“Why did you stop?”
“You can walk first.. so we won’t talk anymore and then you can go away… and me too..”
“Why not? ..If you’ll not then I will..”
“Im sure that you can’t forget my name, you’re still too young and has a strong memory!”
“Oh yeah, you know~ if I said FORGET It!then I will really FORGET it!”
“I know how to keep your mouth. shut.”
“What do you mean?”
“You are too fussy, and you lied,saying you’ll forget my name..”
Chinen’s eyes widened, when Yamada kissed him on the lips.
“Umm!” Chinen pull Yamada and break the kiss.
“I will kick you! What are you doing?! You kiss me on street?!”
“It’s for your fussiness..”
“…” Chinen didn’t talk after. He’s blushing and he raise his head up and runs away.Yamada tries to get Chinen but he failed. Chinen’s runs too fast. Yamada just grin.
On street corner, there was another person and saw what Yamada did to Chinen and is very shocked.
“We must do something..”
“I will throw Yamada away from Chii..”
“Get out of my way, don’t try to hurt my Yamada-kun!”
“What are you talking about?! Yamada is the one who’s trying to get chinen’s attention… I know that Chii have a cute face so there’s a possibility that Yamada might fall in love to him!”
“I don’t think so, Chinen is the one who’s trying to get yamada’s attention!”
“You..!” then they began fighting.
Chinen took a deep breath, he’s really tired after the long run until he reach the school.he’s early.
“Chii!!” someone called him but, Chinen just frown. He didn’t know who the girl is .
“Me?” Chinen pointed at him.
“Yes! Of course!” that girl grab Chinen’s hand and pulled him to backyard.
in the backyard..
“You’re Chinen, right?”
Chinen answered with doubt-confused “Y-yes. You even called my name.”
“You look close to Yamada-kun..”
“Yamada-kun?” Chinen is so confused now, “Ah, the annoying guy!”
“He’s not annoying! You’re the one who’s annoying!”
“Ha? What do u mean??why are u mad?”

“What your relation with Yamada-kun?”

“no relation or something at all”

“Liar.. Just go away from him!”

“Don’t snap me! Why don’t u tell it to your beloved guy!?” Chinen said starting to be angry, the girl looks frustrated . the girl raises her hand,ready to snap chinen but chinen’s not scared at it.


“What are you doing,?”
“A-ah, Yamada-kun? Umm, why did you protect him?!”
do you want your hand to get hurt from nothing? slap a stupid boy?”
‘Stupid?!’ Chinen wants to kick Yamada but he tries his best to wait. He planned to kick Yamada after their conversation ends.
“Umm..” the only word she can say.
“You… Ayasegawa? Your hand is so smooth… it becomes inelegant just because of unimportant person…” Yamada gives her a killer smile.
“Kya! Yamada-kun! cares for me a lot ne!”
it’s better for you to fo to your class now.. This boy is just unimportant.. forget about him..”
The girls looks so happy and falls in love to Yamada more and run away from there like a crazy person.
“are u fool or something?” Yamada turned back to Chinen, but…
“a revenge for calling me unimportant and stupid!” Yamada grin.
“So~ You want me to think you’re important?” Yamada give him a smile, Chinen blushed trying to hide it.
“W-what are you talking about?”
Yamada just sighed, and pets Chinen’s head and lifted his left hand.
“Fee for protect..” said Yamada.
“Umm,not only that.. fee for kicking me, for the kiss, fee for petting you.. total is 3000 yen.. so.. may I get my pay now?”
Chinen ward Yamada’s hand.
“I will never give even one cent for you!”


Chinen decided to return to his classroom..
“Hey! Chii! Ohayou!” Yuto greeted him. Chinen smiles and walks closer to Yuto, Keito, and Daiki who’s sitting near the windows.
“Ohayou gozaimasu!”
“Ahahaha, I thought that your late Chii~ like yesterday..hahaha” Daiki smack Yuto’s head.
“You prayed for him to be late, aren’t you?” Daiki stared at Yuto.
“Hahaha, stop fighting…” said Chinen.
“They won’t stop, Chii.. Until the bell rings… yeah, but later, break time maybe they’ll start fighting again…hahaha” Keito said to Chinen. Yuto and Daiki smack him.
“Hahaha, you guys so funny..” Chinen smiled so nice.
‘Kawaii!!’ YDK-Yuto, Daiki, Keito- in their mind scream crazily. Chinen is so cute!
“Okay, the bell’s ringing and the hell begin.. hahaha” Yuto just nodded .
Everyone looks at the door opened. Chinen’s eyes widened. The girls starts screaming.
“Yamada-kun!! Aww, that eyes so killing me, I love him..”
“Aww, although he is the scariest student, he still kakkoi!”
“Kya! Yamada-kun, im so happy that were in the same class!”
the class is full of screams now. Yamada who’s used to it just give them a this-always-happened-in-the-class look.
“Shut up, all!” the girls suddenly stopped screaming, when Yamada shouted. His eyes look sharply.
“Tch, noisy..” His eyes suddenly met Chinen face.
“Khe, classmate?” Yamada walks toward Chinen.
“We meet again… what do you feel?” yamada asked while grinning.
“Worse…” Chinen stamped his hand to the table. “really not happy to see you..”
Chinen goes out of the class.
“Eh? Chinen? Where are u going?” Sensei suddenly saw Chinen goes out from the class.
“Gomen, I feel ill… I want to go to the health room..”
“Ah.. souka? You can go now..”
“Arigato..” Chinen bow at the sensei and goes away.
‘Huft, I was hoping not to meet that guy again but he’s my classmate??”’


“Ne, Keito-kun.. Chii have a problem with Yamada-kun, right?” murmur Yuto to Keito who’s sitting in front of him.
“Yeah, something like that..”
“So, what can we do for him? Chii is our friend, ne~”
“I don’t know too… How can we help him if we-“
Sensei throw markers to Keito and Yuto.
“Keito, Yuto! No talking in my class! Or else I’ll give you punishment!”
“Go-gomen..” they said, then the class laughs to them.
Daiki who’s at Yuto’s side just laughing. Yuto glared at him. While Yamada just sigh.


Break time the studemts favorite time. Chinen goes back to his class, but he really regrets what he did a while ago, he should not return to class. Yamada look at him.
“Hei! Chii!” Yuto shouted to Chinen.
“Hi..” Chinen just said slowly, he go to his table and gets his bento and eat it.
“Chii, are you okay?” Yuto sits in front of Chinen.
“Hm? Yah, I do..”
“I want to eat my bento…”
“A-ah,, okay, you can eat it, sorry for disturbing..” Yuto gets away from there. Chinen sigh.
‘Because of that guy, my mood went bad. And I look so cruel to Yuto? Err-‘
Chinen take the egg roles and when his about to put it into his mouth suddenly.
Yamada suddenly eat the egg roles, but because the egg roles too close to Chinen’s mouth Yamada’s mouth pats Chinen’s. The chopstick fell on the floor. The whole Class is looking at them.
“Kya!!!!” Girl scream again~
“So… umm…” YDK speechless.
“Umh, uhuk! Uhuk! Uhuk!” Chinen coughs, searching for his water, he breaks the kiss and drinks the water fastly
“If you drink like that you ‘ll choke”
“Uhuk! Shut up! What are you doing?!”
“eating egg roles..”
“….” Chinen staring at him.
“Because you didn’t pay me for what I have done for you… So, just by doing this is enough,let’s say half of the pay?for other half… I thought…” Yamada whispers to Chinen’s ear. “Be mine..”
“YAMADA RYOSUKE!”the class screams. Yamada just raise his hand to stop the screams. Remember? Yamada is the scariest student. He may not look like a person who have problem with teachers, but if you’ll see inside, think it again…
“Ah, so what the answer?”
“If I say ‘no’?”
“You ‘ll experience something bad you don’t want to expect.…” murmur Yamada near Chinen’s ear. “If I were you,I’ll say yes”

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chi_yamaswitenana on June 25th, 2011 03:23 am (UTC)
Yama-chan was so.....*speechless*
^-^ love this

and.....Chinen's sister...
omg, he said Titi DJ
well, I never think that word will show at this chapter
hahahash XDDD

next please, next please
will waiting for it
rinrin_okayamayamamoto_rin on June 29th, 2011 01:27 pm (UTC)
HMPPHHH!! >.< *trying to flail!! but can't since half of my family is just next to the room where i'm at! >.< control....control...!! * KYAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! OH MY!!! YAMADAAA~!!!! SO NAUGHTY!! LOVE HIM HERE!! BUT YEAHH!! HE'S DANGEROUS!! SERIOUSLY DANGEROUS!! UPDATE!! UPDATE!!! >.< <3 <3 <3 <3 <3!!

Andre-chan!! please notify me if u already updated this :3 i love the story!! YAMACHII~!!! <3
Andreateru_wonderland on June 30th, 2011 09:19 am (UTC)
LOL rinaChaaan your reaction xdd<333

>haii haii i'll notify you^____^<3