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10 July 2011 @ 01:35 pm
what the hell part3  
Title:What the Hell
Pair:Yamada x Chinen(Yamachii),Chinen x Daiki(Daichii)[friendship],[Mentioned] HikaNoo(Hikaru X Inoo)
Summary:Yamachii are in relationship but after a year yama changes,not sweet to chii,always going home late,not saying a word when going to somewhere and the worse is lots of text messages from lots of girls whom chii didn't know.chii wanted to break up with him but he cant,because he loves yamada so much.
Part3[[final]]:Yamada once again confessed to Chinen,but Chinen ignores him.
Disclaimer:I do not own anything except the story!credits to the rightful owners~

Part 1=redemption 
Part 2= the reason 
Part 3=moment of truth


On the road..
K:ohayou!going to school?
Y:let's go together then
D:that's what im about to say

In the campus...
>keito,yuto,dai,ryu and chii are talking of their funny and embarassing experiences the past few weeks,then yamada walking towards them didn't even tries to look at them.suddenly his books wrapped in his arms fell.the 5 boys didn't hesitate to help yamada..
"we'll help you"
Ya:*picks up his things*it's already on my hand so no need..
yamada continues to walk on his way..
Yu:Geez~such a hot temper
K:what's with that attitude?
R:he acts brilliantly!
............O O...............?
D:let's go back to our classroom.
Yu:yeah,we should!

Chinen looking for something"hn..?where is it?i just put it here..."*continues to look around his place* ryutaro who's just beside him tries to asked the troubled guy "hey what's wrong chii?" "i think i lost something" "souka..try to look at your locker" ryutaro's words makes chinen stops on what he's doing"yeah,you're right!arigatou ryuchan" "thank me if you already found it" chinen just give a smile to ryutaro and continues to run to the lockers..

on chinen's way to the lockers he saw someone on there but he just ignored the person for a while.
when he's already near his locker he tries to look at the person,his eyes widen as he noticed that it was yamada.
C:*looks at the other way*nothing!
chinen just nodded not looking to yama,and yama leaves after..
on dismissal,chinen went to the court to meet daiki..
C:i dont think yamachan hates me..
C:a while ago in the lockers, i saw him and his locker's open then i saw a picture of us.
C:i remember that picture!it was the day of our first date..
D:oh i see!that's nice to hear, but who knows?maybe he's too lazy to remove it.
C:dai-chan always makes me sad*pouted*
D:*laughs*gomen gomen..*pats chinen's head*
K:his just jealous chinen kun!
R:yeah,because of the plan..
D:you going to watch our practice chinen kun?
Shintaro:*points@daiki* Daiki's changing the topic!daiki's changing the topic!
R:ah..gomen his really like that,he's cute when he does that isn't it?

H:Minna saaaan~*waving like a little kid*
D:oh hikaru it's you,you going to attend today's practice?
H:eh?gomeeeen i still have date.
H:yup! with-----
I:call me kei:P

C:gomen dai-chan im not going to watch.
C:ja,mata ashita~
D:ah..haii mata ahita,be careful ne
D:bye bye~

Yamada standing on school gate..looks like he's waiting for someone..
C:why him? why him? why him?should i go back to the court?aiiiishhh....i need to just walk faster and ignore him..
chinen did what he said to himself but..
chinen continues to walk..
Ya:Ne,did we break up?
that WORD makes chinen stops,yes! including his world!
C:(what a question yamada!) chinen bit his lower lip and turns his way to yamada
Ya:we haven't right?
C:you going to break up with me?
Ya:what do you think?
C:i dont care on your decission anymore!
Yamada just look at the sky and looks at the other way after..
Chinen being ignored,just runs away..

D:what kind of act is that?
Ya:i know right?
K:daiki,yamada let's practice!
D:were coming keito!

After a few weeks chinen ignored yamada like he never exist or even existed..
"anoo sumimasen..do u know yamada ryosuke kun?
>"who's that?never heared of that name before"

"hey!chii where's yamada kun?"
>"i dont know him"
"you heared what i said right?^__^

"Yuri Chan it's me,it's me riku~!ne, about ryosuke kun did u know that..."
>"that ryosuke guy again?who the hell is that?"
"your boyfriend?"
"eh?yuri chan?yuri chan?doko?yuriiii?

Ya:i can't do this anymore!!
Yu:you going to stop?
Ya:that's what i mean!
K:how does it feel to be treaten like that?
D:what are you going to do now?
Ya:i'll think of it
next day during class hours...
"yamada kun..pls..answer the next question"
but yamada who's in his own world right now...
"yamada kun?"
D:oi!yamada*taps yamada*
"anoo..yamada kun?"
yamada who's annoyed of the voices stands and leaves the room..
"chotto yamada kun where are you going?"

"ok,so our lesson for today is about-----"
the teacher stops when someone opens the door
"o-re? doushitano?"
yamada walks toward chinen...
C:sensei,someone is blocking the board i can't see it!
Ya:i dont know how to explain this feeling!
Ya:i mean,i can't stop thinking about you!
Ya:i realize that i can't live without you!!
Ya:Yah!Yuri daisuki da yo!!
yamada who's standing infront of chinen,whole students in the room looking at them, and sensei who's worried about them.
yamada looks at chinen,sighed,then looks at the other way..
"anoo..can we start the class now?"
Ya:Yuri!I missed you!
C:*stands*Liar!!those words isn't real!didn't you said that before?
Ya:that's why im telling it to you again!
C:then you'll hurt my feelings again?
Ya:no!you're wrong!
C:what do you mean?
Ya:it was all a plan!
C:a plan?
Ya:yes a plan!
C:nande?what kind of plan?
Ya:because your too busy you dont have time for me!
Ya:so i asked my friends for advices! and i did it!
C:friends?you mean...
Ya:daiki,yuto,ryutaro,keito and hikaru!
C:you think im happy about it??
Ya:i know your not!but didn't you give your time to me?
"i said!that the classes is still going on!!"
R:can the two of you talk in private?it would be better right?
Ya:hamsterKun is right!let's go!
yamada grabs chinen's hands and leaves the room...
R:ha..hamster kun?O_O
outside the room, kinda...far away..
Ya:so back to the topic..
C:umm..is that so?
Ya:ah..it's ok now..
C:demo ne..
C:i still dont believe you!
C:Who are those girls then?
Ya:my relatives and friends!
C:your cruelty?
Ya:it's part of the plan!
C:you all lie to me!!
Ya:i want your attention!
C:*looks at the other way*
Ya:gomenasai ne,hontouni
C:i cried every night thinking of you!baka yama!
Ya:i suffer everyday,pretending!
C:i thought i hate you!
Ya:i thought you'll leave me!
C:most of the girls i saw are beautiful so there's no way you won't like them!
Ya:ha?why would i?i didn't fall for them because i already have you! baka ka omai?
C:they are cute and pretty!
Ya:you fall for them?
C:ryosuke wa hontouni baka!baka!
Ya:haha..*laughs gently* Your sexy!
Ya:your lovely,adorable,the most beautiful creature,worthed to love and special!
C:= ="
Ya:the one whom i'll marry!
Ya:*pinches yuri's cheek*Kawaii..
both,staring at each other...
yamada kisses chinen's cheek,chinen giggled then poke yamada's lip.
Ya:*giggled too*well?
yamada holds chinen's hand and continues to stare at him.
Ya:uwaaa yokatta!!
yamada hugs chinen and chinen hugs yamada kun..after the hug, looking at each other closely yamada leaned his lip to yuri,both kissing now,licking each others tongue not noticing that it's already break time that lots of students were looking at their lovey-dovey scene as they break their kiss..
R:thats why i told you guys to go in private!
Ya:ha..hamster ku--
R:ryutaro desu.
D:well im glad that the two of you seems to learn...
K:and understand each other now..
Yu:nothing to say here anymore=D
C:minna arigatou^__^
Ya:*kisses chinen's cheek sweetly then looks at his friends and said* haii,arigatou!

~Story Owari~

A/N:Late update,though im finally done with this short fic.:D (yokatta!=D Xd)
now moving on to another chiitaro fic,i dont know but im planning to make a smut  fic,i mean whaaaat?=O yes, i tried to read that kind of genre at first i was like eh?sm*t?yabai kore wa!! and yeah when i decided to read it uh..not bad at all!But i dont know if i can(hope i can)but making that kind of genre fic im not really sure about it.*dont kill me if i ever made one ne:>*

.3.comments are loved.3.
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青木 玲子ichigocherry on July 10th, 2011 06:04 am (UTC)
Yaaaaaay~ Happy ending~

I love the picture btw~
Andreateru_wonderland on July 10th, 2011 06:09 am (UTC)
omo..reichan your fast xd=DD
haii haii happy ending des,arigatou gozaimasu^___^
青木 玲子ichigocherry on July 10th, 2011 07:52 am (UTC)
Hehehehe. Told you I'll never leave you. :3

-besides I'm too stupid for my own good to leave my hands off of LJ-

Andreateru_wonderland on July 10th, 2011 02:51 pm (UTC)
aww thanks again<33
青木 玲子ichigocherry on July 10th, 2011 10:36 pm (UTC)
DaikonChii9aba on July 10th, 2011 01:12 pm (UTC)
I simply adore it!!

I can't tell you just how much i've been waiting for this chapter!XD
and I can't tell you how much I laughed at all the funny moments and 'kyaaa~'d at all the sweet ones! ^^

Yamachii forever~!
Andreateru_wonderland on July 10th, 2011 03:02 pm (UTC)
Thank you soooo much^___^<3
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Andreateru_wonderland on July 15th, 2011 03:20 pm (UTC)
Liviii chaann XD<33=D
haii,^___^arigato 4 reading&commenting=D
(Deleted comment)
Andreateru_wonderland on July 17th, 2011 12:33 pm (UTC)
Thanks again=D i'll wait for your next too^^
lumi-chanlu_mi_na on July 16th, 2011 06:11 pm (UTC)
i hate busy life T.T
ANYWAY!!! kyaaaaaaaa 0(>w<)0 yamachii~~<3
so adorable <333333
the hikanoo moment was just lovely! <3
lol at hamster-kun xDDD
SORRY for this late comment chiichan ><"
Andreateru_wonderland on July 17th, 2011 12:37 pm (UTC)
aww luminachaan i missed you it's been a long time ne^___^<3 and it's alright=D Arigatouuuu 4 reading and commenting^____^
rinrin_okayamayamamoto_rin on July 17th, 2011 06:31 am (UTC)
waaaahhh~!! :D nice!! n cute!! ahahhahaa!! it was all a plan?? lol!! haaha poor chii had to suffer!! haha :P i love the cute happy ending!! <3
Andreateru_wonderland on July 17th, 2011 12:47 pm (UTC)
sankyuuu riinachan<33=D